Multi-Sync Keyboard

Hello folks, after we last posted about Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, it was clearly that they lunched the iPhone 5s instead. Once if you guys have more than one Apple devices, this is a new technology to make you more convenient, the “Multi-Sync Keyboard”. Let’s see what is this gadget.

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iPhone 6 Rumours

iPhone 6 Concept

One of the hottest gadgets ever is without any doubt, the iPhone. Most of us have one, or would love to have one. It all started with the iPhone 3 which was one of Apple’s biggest successes in history. It changed the way we all think about smartphones. Today we have the iPhone 5. What will be Apple’s next move when it comes to the iPhone? Will it be an iPhone 5S or will they jump immediately to an iPhone 6? And how will it look?