Multi-Sync Keyboard

Hello folks, after we last posted about Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, it was clearly that they lunched the iPhone 5s instead. Once if you guys have more than one Apple devices, this is a new technology to make you more convenient, the “Multi-Sync Keyboard”. Let’s see what is this gadget.

       The Multi-Sync Keyboard was designed for easy navigation of Apple devices including Mac/iOS multimedia shortcut keys for instant access to Mission Control and Launchpad as well as a Home button for iPhone/iPad. Bluetooth keys make it easy for simple switching between devices with the touch of a button by pairing a device and start toggling. Bluetooth technology means no taking up valuable USB ports with wireless receivers so it’s easy setup with no installation or drivers required including a full numeric keypad for easy to enter numbers. Arrow keys are convenient for scrolling through documents and playing games. Effortlessly adjust screen brightness, volume, play and pause with single touch function keys. The keyboard comes with a useful little stand to prop up the iPhone or iPad at a convenient angle for typing and viewing.

Ok guys, it seems interesting eh? Would you like to have one?  If yes, cash out $69.95 for it (2100 Baht).

Now I’m wondering if it makes life more convenient or more complicated. haha JK


Credit : and youtube


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